Movember Unmute

The how to videos that taught men how to listen.


While suicide is a global health problem that affects both genders, a staggering 85% percent of those who commit suicide are men. Why? Because when things get tough, men are far more likely to internalize their problems, rather than share how they’re feeling with their friends.

Client Brief

Educate men about the importance of asking their friends about their mental health.


Men love helping others by sharing their handy tips, tricks and lifehacks by creating how-to videos and sharing them online. But when things need fixing in their own lives, men rarely share how they really feel.


To show men how easy it is to miss someone who’s in trouble, we used Facebook video to create a series of how-to videos with a hidden message.

When Facebook users came across the videos in their feed, they assumed they were watching a man share a simple tip. But once they were prompted to unmute the video, it was revealed he was sharing something far more important.

Our message? That the only way to truly know how a man is feeling is to unmute and ask him, then listen to what he has to say.


Our hero film became the number one trending video on Reddit for 24 hours. By the end of the campaign, the three videos had amassed a combined 3 million views, 10 million impressions and directed 58,000 people to support services on All with a media investment of just $25,000 AUD.