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Surveys show over 70% of Australians support voluntary euthanasia.
But currently every attempt to pass a law has been rejected by politicians. There is almost no greater divide between politics and public opinion in Australia than when it comes to the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia.
A new Voluntary Euthanasia Bill was introduced into South Australian parliament in 2016. Our goal was to give the public a platform to directly voice their support for this law in a way that politicians could not ignore.


Be The Bill is a social campaign that allowed anyone to instantly personalise the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill and send it directly to the 69 voting South Australian politicians. At the click of a button, replaced the neutral legal word ‘person’ with the individual’s name throughout the 17-page Bill, and put their profile picture from Facebook on the document cover - creating a personalised auto-generated pdf-version of the Bill. The unique Bill was automatically sent to politicians via email, while also being shared on social media.

How it works


Watch the Film: Kylie Monaghan, a cancer patient, was the first to Be the Bill. Her story was told in an online film that was used in social and PR to invite people to the microsite.


Personalise a Voluntary Euthanasia Bill: Over 1 million emails, containing personalised Bills that were created at the click of a button using Facebook details, were sent to politicians.


Join the Gallery of Bills: Personalised Bills could be added to the Gallery as a show of support as the cause garnered support from celebrities and prominent Australians.


Share Your Bill in Social Media: Not only were personalised Bills shared in social channels, but celebrities pro-actively made their own social media films to promote the cause.

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