The Most Interesting Job Interview

Do you have what it takes to work in secret intelligence?


Unlike its overseas equivalents The CIA and MI6, The Australian Secret Intelligence Service has kept its existence hidden from the public for almost 60 years. So when ASIS needed to recruit Australia’s next generation of Intelligence Officers, they needed a way to let the right people know they were hiring.

Client Brief

Attract intelligent Australians to ASIS and filter out those who do not meet the specific psychological profile required to work in secret intelligence.


Often, the best way to determine whether someone is right for a role is to throw them into complex situations and see how they react.


We invited Australia’s best and brightest to an online job interview. But not just any job interview, the Most Interesting Job Interview, a fully interactive, virtual job interview designed to be a mental obstacle course for the most intelligent minds in the country.


The Most Interesting Job Interview generated more than 2 million dollars worth of earned PR, leading to record numbers of ASIS applications. For security reasons, the total number of agents recruited cannot be shared.

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